Aron Kondoro-PhD Student

Rukia Mwifunyi

Shamte Kawambwa

Khadija Mbembati

Ally Bitebo-PhD Student

This study will develop a secured end to end communication network between all devices communicating in  a proposed system. The  presence of a well designed secured communication architecture will allow inputs data from sensors to be conveyed to control control center, which in turn will generate control messages to be transmitted from control center to various electronic intelligent devices (actuators) in the field for appropriate actions. This study will propose an end to end secured scheme which will use quantum robust cryptographics techniques to impose security in the proposed system by considering all computational, storage and communication overhead constraint in device level.

Yona Andegelile


Diana Rwegasira-PhD Student

The study focuses on controlling and monitoring of the DC microgrid in Tanzania. The microgrid should be implemented with solar as a source of energy. The control and monitoring will base on the automatic load shedding experiment classifying critical and non-critical loads when there is a deficiency of power supply as well as selling of extra power to the main source when the end users/consumers have extra power.

David Makota

Godfrey Chugulu

Daudi C.Mnyaghwalo