DC Microgrid at CoICT, Kijitonyama Dar es salaam.

The prototype design for the smart DC microgrid is implemented using solar panel as the source of power of the 250W capacity as the main supply with end users of 20W to 50W capacities of the individual load solar panels, i.e. one critical house and two non-critical houses. The batteries used are Valve Regulated Lead Acid with 65AH for the main supply and 4.5AH -12AH for the end users while the charger controllers are 30A MPPT for the main supply, 10A for non-critical loads and16A for critical loads. The DC breakers are of the same capacity as that of charge controllers. For the microcontrollers, the Raspberry Pi3+ complete was used with its Micro card of 32GB capacity and the Arduino Uno Rev 3 (full KIT board) for connecting different smart sensors in the systems. Other devices include actuators, sensor board, voltage sensors, current sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, and remote monitoring sensor for solar power plant.